Disposable Sleeves

Disposable Sleeves

Our disposable sleeves are excellent for keeping lint and dust from gather onto shirt or jacket sleeves, or falling off of them. Sleeves are great for a variety of applications arms are over or in areas that need to be contaminate free. All our sleeves are made with light weight material that is durable and breatheable. On each of of the sleeves features an elastic band to close around the arm for a snug fit. Disposable sleeves only protect the lower arm and elbow. To cover the hand it is best to use disposable gloves.

cleanroom sleevesAdvantage Plus:
The ultimate alternative to Tyvek®, Polyethylene Coated Polypropylene offers protection in general purpose industrial applications. The fabric will not let water-based liquids penetrate. This fabric is available in the form of aprons, coveralls,and sleeves. Lightweight yet durable, this polyethylene coated polypropylene is ideal for food manufacturing, light industrial, cleanroom, and similar industries where a low particulate barrier garment is necessary. Tthe material has a reduced particle release and protects from water based liquids and certain chemicals by lightly coating polypropylene with a layer of polyethylene. PE Coated Polypropylene is an economical choice for worker comfort and safety.

Advantage Pro:
Our Advantage Pro is a 3-layer material that is ideal for many situations where dry particulate barrier and repellency are needed. This material provides an excellent barrier against water based liquids and is resistant to light chemical splash. Worker comfort is greatly increased because Advantage Pro is lightweight, soft and breathable. It offers improved strength, splash and particulate resistance against many workplace hazards. Advantage Pro is also treated with an anti-static agent. When a durable, comfortable garment is needed, Advantage Pro is the ideal choice. Available in sizes from Small to 5XL.

Lightweight and durable, polyethylene is ideal for food manufacturing, food handling, light industrial, and similar industries where splash protection is necessary. This thin, polymer material is an economical way to keep clothing clean and protected from water based liquids and certain chemicals. These sleeves comply with FDA guidlines for food handling. Polyethylene is inherently anti-static with a maximum static decay of 0.5 seconds.

Micro Porus:
Micro Porus Clean sleeves are made with a highly breathable microporus film bonded with a nonwoven fabric. This material is excellent for wet and dry situations where barrier and repellency are needed. While wearing theses sleeves a worker's arms are protected from non-toxic liquid, spray, dirt, and dust. Micro Porus sleeves are durable, light weight, and very soft which makes them comfortable for workers to wear. These sleeves are also treated with an anti-static agent.

Sleeves, Polyethylene, 18”, 100/bag, Available in White, Blue or Clear
Sleeves, Advantage Plus, 18”, White
Sleeves, Advantage Plus, 20”, White
Sleeves, Advantage Pro, 18”, White
Sleeves, Advantage Pro, 20”, White
Sleeves, Micro Porus Clean, 18”, White

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